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Instructions for Authors

General Instructions

Poster Presentation Guide

Authors of accepted abstracts are required to submit their papers according to the following schedule and to prepare their papers based on the Guidelines For Preparing Papers. The guidelines are simple and easy to follow. If you have any doubts, please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style (University of Chicago Press).

If you decide to pursue the peer review track but later decide not have your paper peer reviewed OR if after being reviewed, your paper is rejected for the peer reviewed publication, the length of your paper would drop down to the maximum for Non Peer-Reviewed Papers (6 sides Letter size paper (8.5×11 inch, or 21.6×27.9 cm), including all figures and illustrations).

Papers submitted for consideration in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings volume should be sent to: no later then May 31, 2004 (see timeline, below). These papers should present the results of original, high quality research not previously published, and be of significant importance to the field of greenhouse gas control technology.

Other papers, including posters, reviews of previous work, or descriptions of new work planned or just underway, should be submitted for publication in the companion volume of the proceedings. These papers should be sent to: no later then June 30, 2004 (see timeline, below)

Please include your Abstract ID No. in the subject line of your transmittal message.

Also, please note that papers will not be accepted for peer review after the posted deadline, but will be published in the companion volume as in past GHGT Proceedings.


Peer Reviewed Papers

May 31, 2004Deadline for submission of papers for peer review
June 30, 2004Notification to authors following review (accept/decline/revise)
July 31, 2004Submission of final manuscripts

All Other Papers

June 30, 2004Deadline for submission of papers

Copyright Form

Authors are required to sign a transfer of copyright form prior to publication. Please download and complete the Copyright Form. Completed forms must be either faxed or scanned and emailed as an attachment to the address on the form.