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Content and Presentation Guide for Oral Papers


Within your oral presentation we would like you to focus on the subject of your abstract. It has been placed with similar and should not change.


Preparation of Visual Aids:
Only PowerPoint presentations will be allowed. Please supply your presentation, in MS PowerPoint format (.ppt) for PC, to the conference secretariat at least one day prior to your presentation. Files should be submitted on a CD-R for PC.

Please aim for concise bullet points and use large bold text (no more than 10 lines of text per slide).

You will be allocated 15 minutes for your presentation plus 5 minutes for questions. Please ensure that a full 5 minutes is available for questions. Adjustments in time may be made by the session chairpersons, depending on the overall time management of the session. Please be mindful of your fellow speakers.

A practise room for presentations will be available at the conference centre.

All speakers are requested to inform the Secretariat of their arrival, at least 1 hour before their presentation. Cancellation of a paper should be made to the Secretariat at least 1 day prior to the presentation.

Manuscripts: Only abstracts will be distributed at the Conference. If speakers would like to provide full papers, please put them at the back of the session room. Responsibility for copies of full papers is entirely with the speaker. Conference resources will not be available for these activities.

Biographical details

We are asking all authors to supply a brief (50 words) biographical description, plus some guide to the session chairman on how their names should be pronounced. This will help the session chairman to introduce you. Please supply this information to the session chairman prior to the start of your session.

Name: Riemer
Phonetic pronunciation: REAMER

Some Extra Thoughts

Just a few light hearted reminders for presenters on what we would rather not hear at the conference:

“I’m going to ignore my title and instead I’m going to talk on…..”
“You won’t be able to read this at the back”
“Here are a few more data (followed by the 23rd unreadable slide)
“Can I have a couple of more minutes please Chairman?” (from a speaker already 10 minutes over their allotted time)